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BIO90’s ingenious PROSTATE URINAL SCREENS send men an essential message to be tested for prostate cancer.

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As of January 01, 2016 we have reached a minimum of 1.69 million men.
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Bio90 has put a spin on their urinal Screens with a message that address’s the seriousness of prostate cancer.

Where else can we get a man’s undivided attention for a minute or so?

Bio90’s objective is to motivate one million men to have their prostate checked. Because men tend to be less proactive about their well-being, the overall level of awareness and support for men’s health concerns falls critically behind other movements.

Bio90 strives to spark conversation about prostate health among men over 50, with the hope that more will be screened and more lives will be saved.

Our new Prostate Urinal Screens send a gentle yet powerful message … every time a man visits the restroom.


Video: Canadian musician Dan Hill discusses his prostate cancer survival story

Disclaimer: Dan Hill and CityNews and Rogers Media are in no way affiliated with or sponsors of Bio90 or the +50 campaign.