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Bio90 Super Concentrate Cleaner

Bio90 Super Concentrate is a multipurpose eco-friendly industrial cleaning alternative guaranteed to give you the results you need in the workplace without the potentially harmful effects of chemical-based cleaners.

  • Biodegradable
  • Takes on nearly every cleaning task from greasy machinery to cotton uniforms
  • Amazing cost savings
  • Easy mixing instructions
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning.

Bio90 Super Concentrated formula allows you to use your own water to create almost every type of cleaning product you will ever need using simple mixing instructions and/or diluting stations.

We even work with our industrial clients to create customized diluting and cleaning alternatives when needed. Bio90 has been used around the world to clean everything from automotive shops to eyeglasses.

Our unique formula is so concentrated it never needs to be used at full strength. It is strong enough to break down and clean the heaviest oil, grime, and rubber marks from machinery, walls, and floors, yet gentle enough to clean blood, grass stains, and other stains from rugs, upholstery, and fabric.

An all-purpose cleaner for most household needs. Ideal for cars, boats, planes, and machinery.
Bulk packed for use with our cost-saving Bio90 Automatic Chemical Diluting Station or our easy-to-use dispensing nozzle. Reduces product use, packaging, and labour.

Code 63930 Size 4x4L case
Code 63932 Size 210L drum



Algae stains, grass stains, pet stains, blood stains, grease, rubber marks, carbon deposits, most inks, smoke film, coffee stains, mildew stains, soap scum, food stains,oil, wax build-up.

Floors, walls, ceramic tile, marble, concrete, plexiglass, plastic, fiberglass, sinks, toilet bowls, urinals, garbage bins, machinery, food processing equipment, countertops, glass, mirrors, display case glass, printing equipment, vinyl, carpets, and upholstery

Sprayed for use in pressure washers
Mopped for use in steam cleaners
Wiped for use in parts washers

General Cleaning – 20 parts water: 1 part chemical
Heavy-Duty Cleaning – 4 parts water: 1 part chemical
Glass Cleaning – 220 parts water: 1 part chemical
Steam Cleaners, Floor Scrubbing Machines, Mop & Pail – 30 parts water: 1 part chemical


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